Clinical SAS Training in Chennai

Clinical SAS Training in Chennai

Learn Clinical SAS At GREENS TECHNOLOGY – No 1 Clinical SAS Training in chennai. Call +91 89399 15577 For More Details. Register today for learning Clinical SAS Training in chennai.

Clinical SAS Training

This Clinical SAS training in Chennai helps candidate in preparation of SAS Certified Clinical SAS Programmer credentials and Job Placements on Base SAS, Advanced SAS, Clinical SAS and Predictive Analytics on both Classroom Trainings and Online Trainings.

Greens Technologys is the Best Clinical SAS Training Institute in Chennai located in Adyar, Velachery and OMR.

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Get Trained at GREENS TECHNOLOGY and become a Clinical SAS Guru!

About Clinical SAS Trainer

- A innovative Medical Doctor with post - graduation in Pharmacology and more than 15+ years of experience in Clinical Medicine, Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance and Drug Regulatory Affairs.

Varied experience of 10 years in the Bio- Pharmaceutical Industry with reputed companies like Serum Institute Of India, Sanofi Pasteur, Aventis, ShantaBiotechnics, Serono, MBL, Crucell and interactions with WHO, Ministry of Health, DCGI, DBT, ICMR, IMA,IAP, OPPI, APACHE,APCRI.

Flexible Timings / Weekend classes Available.

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Clinical SAS Course Syllabus in Chennai

Clinical SAS Training Courses in Chennai

  1. Base SAS
  2. Advance SAS
  3. Clinical Clinical SAS Programming
  4. Predictive Modeling
  5. Clinical Data Manager
  6. Platform Administrator
  7. Clinical SAS Visual Analytics
  8. Clinical SAS Data Integration Studio
  9. BA Data Mining with Statistics
  10. Business Intelligence
  11. Data Management and Reporting

Clinical SAS Training Course Highlights:

  • 1) Two days free trial - If candidate likes this course, these days are adjusted in his actual schedule.
  • 2) Live Project Exposure of Fortune companies.
  • 3) Training by Subject Matter experts from CMM Level 5 companies
  • 4) Running in two major financial cities of India – Chennai and Bangalore
  • 5) Worldwide Classroom training of Clinical SAS and corporate classes at affordable fees.
  • 6) Our basic course worth more than the advanced course of other institutes/freelancers.
  • 7) Free Interview preparations.
  • 8) 100% free assistance for Clinical SAS certifications.
  • 9) 100 % guarantee in succeeding the certification at affordable fees.
  • 10) Also provide Classroom training to students of foreign countries.
  • Learn Clinical SAS Training from the Best Clinical SAS training Institute in Chennai

Clinical SAS Training Duration

  • Duration: 70 hours
  • Regular classroom based Clinical SAS training available for this course on both Weekdays / Weekends
  • Fast Track (1-1): No of hours per day can be as per convenience of participant.
  • Weekend classroom classes are available for this course.

Clinical SAS Trainers in our Clinical SAS Training institute are Globally Experienced, Certified

Get Certified With SAS. Best Clinical SAS Training in Chennai with in-depth Clinical SAS Exam preparation towards Clinical SAS Certified Base Programmer for Clinical SAS 9, Clinical SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for Clinical SAS 9, Clinical SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer Using Clinical SAS 9

The biggest benefits of getting Clinical SAS certified is how it opens doors to employment. Clinical SAS certification demonstrates that you can learn your job more quickly.



Clinical Trials Process
- Describe the clinical research process (phases, key roles, key organizations)
- Interpret a Statistical Analysis Plan
- Derive programming requirements from an SAP and an annotated Case Report Form
- Describe regulatory requirements (principles of 21 CFR Part 11, International Conference on Harmonization, Good Clinical Practices)
Clinical Trials Data Structures
- Identify the classes of clinical trials data (demographic, lab, baseline, concomitant medication, etc.)
- Identify key CDISC principals and terms
- Describe the structure and purpose of the CDISC SDTM data model
- Describe the structure and purpose of the CDISC ADaM data model
- Describe the contents and purpose of define.xml
Import and Export Clinical Trials Data
- Combine SAS data sets
- Efficiently import and subset SAS data sets
- Access data in an Excel workbook (LIBNAME and PROC IMPORT/EXPORT)
- Create temporary and permanent SAS data sets
- Apply regulatory requirements to exported SAS data sets (SAS V5 requirements)
Manage Clinical Trials Data
- Investigate SAS data libraries using base SAS utility procedures (PRINT, CONTENTS, FREQ)
- Access DICTIONARY Tables using the SQL procedure
- Sort observations in a SAS data set
- Create and modify variable attributes using options and statements in the DATA step
- Examine and explore clinical trials input data (find outliers, missing vs. zero values, etc)
Transform Clinical Trials Data
- Process data using DO LOOPS
- Process data using SAS arrays
- Retain variables across observations
- Use assignment statements in the DATA step
- Apply categorization and windowing techniques to clinical trials data
- Use SAS functions to convert character data to numeric and vice versa
- Use SAS functions to manipulate character data, numeric data, and SAS date values
- Transpose SAS data sets
- Apply 'observation carry forward' techniques to clinical trials data (LOCF, BOCF, WOCF)
- Calculate 'change from baseline' results
- Obtain counts of events in clinical trials
Apply Statistical Procedures for Clinical Trials
- Use SAS procedures to obtain descriptive statistics for clinical trials data (FREQ, UNIVARIATE, MEANS, SUMMARY)
- Use PROC FREQ to obtain p-values for categorical data (2x2 and NxP test for association).
- Use PROC TTEST to obtain p-values for continuous data (one-sample, paired and two-sample t-tests)
- Create output data sets from statistical procedures
Macro Programming for Clinical Trials
- Create and use user-defined and automatic macro variables
- Automate programs by defining and calling macros
- Use system options to debug macros and display values of macro variables in the SAS log (MPRINT, SYMBOLGEN, MLOGIC, MACROGEN)
Report Clinical Trials Results
- Use PROC REPORT to produce tables and listings for clinical trials reports
- Use ODS and global statements to produce and augment clinical trials reports
Validate Clinical Trial Data Reporting
- Explain the principles of programming validation in the clinical trial industry
- Utilize the log file to validate clinical trial data reporting
- Use programming techniques to validate clinical trial data reporting (PROC COMPARE, MSGLEVEL)
- Identify and Resolve data, syntax and logic errors

Clinical SAS training in Chennai Reviews

Clinical SAS training in Chennai Reviews from our Students

Greens Technology Reviews given by our students already completed the training with us. Please give your feedback as well if you are a student.

iot training chennai

Dear Rajesh! This e-mail is to say BIG THANK YOU..for all teaching you done in our Clinical SAS training sessions. I GOT JOB as Clinical SAS Developer after almost 2 months of struggle here in Chennai. I must Thank you for such a good and rocking lessons. to tell you frankly you made me to like/love/crazy about Clinical SAS though i have no idea about it before joining your classes." This is my first job in IT after my studies and i am a bit tensed how things will be after joining in the company. your suggestions are more helpful for me to get on well in the company as good developer.

About the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) Training

Learn Statistical Analysis System (SAS) from the Best Clinical SAS Training Institute in Chennai with the most experienced and Clinical SAS certified expert trainers in the field. Greens Technology provides Clinical SAS training in Chennai to professionals and corporates on advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics.

Clinical SAS Training includes Software Programming, Clinical, Analysis and Analytics modules, which can be availed by professionals with IT, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Statistics, MBA and such backgrounds on both Classroom Trainings and Online Trainings

Our Clinical SAS training courses include Base SAS, Advance SAS, Clinical Clinical SAS Programming, Predictive Modeling, Clinical Data Manager, Platform Administrator, Clinical SAS Data Integration Studio, BA Data Mining with Statistics, Business Intelligence, Data Management and Reporting.

Best Clinical SAS training in Chennai We are the Leading Clinical SAS real time training institute in Chennai. This course has been designed by industry experts who have decades of experience. No prior knowledge of statistics or the language of Clinical SAS is required.. Clinical SAS course teaches you to use in demand analytics tools and techniques like language of SAS, SQL & Excel or R.

Clinical SAS Trainers in our Clinical SAS Training institute are Globally Experienced, Certified

Who can learn Clinical SAS programming?

Clinical SAS Training in Chennai can be availed by professionals with Life sciences (M.Pharm., B.Pharm., M.Sc.) Statistics (B.Sc., M.Sc.), BE /BTech (Biotechnology,Bioinformatics,Computer Science) MBBS, BDS, BHMS and BAMSIT, Healthcare, MBA, Economics, Econometrics and such backgrounds professionals who are interseted to learn statistics and data analyses can learn SAS.

  • Clinical Research
  • Pharmaceutical, Food Supplements & Biotechnology
  • Hospitals & Specialised Care Facilities
  • Medical Waste Management
  • Pathology Laboratories
  • Imaging Diagnostic Centre
  • Telemedicine, Mobile and Home Care
  • Training & Education Opportunities
  • Knowledge & Business Process Outsourcing (Clinical Research, Medical Writing, Pharmacovigilance, Insurance, Healthcare Processes and other areas)
  • Medical Devices & Equipment
  • Pharmacy Chains
  • Consumables
  • Specialized Consulting Services
  • Hospital Administration & Management
  • Healthcare Recruitment Services
  • Nurses Training
  • Quality Accreditations/Certifications
  • Medical Publications/Medical Writing
  • Healthcare Information Technology
  • Medical Tourism

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