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MSBI Training in Chennai

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MSBI Training

Greens Technologies is a leading provider of MSBI Training in Chennai. India's Top Rated MSBI Training Institute offers realtime practical MSBI (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) Training with realtime project, job orientation and certification guidance. Our trainings are 100% job assured.

Get Trained at GREENS TECHNOLOGY and become a MSBI Guru!

MSBI Training in Chennai

Best MSBI Training Institute in Chennai provides Real-time and Practical Trainings exclusively on SQL Server T-SQL, SQL Server Database Administration (SQL DBA) and Microsoft Business Intelligence (MS BI) that include SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) with 100% JOB Gauranteed Course.
Our MSBI Training focus on Job Orientation for Microsoft Datawarehouse Design Engineers, BI Analysts, BI Engineers, SSIS Developers, SSRS Developers, Cube Developers, Data Mining and Report Analysists. Greens, The Best MSBI Training center in Chennai has been providing the best possible MSBI Course in Chennai on both Classroom Trainings and Online Trainings. Our course design and classes leads to Microsoft certification and more….

Awarded as the Best MSBI Training Center in Chennai - We Guarantee Your MSBI Training Success in Chennai

About MSBI Trainer

- As a Trainer, Yuvraj has over 8+ Years Working experience on SQL Server 2005, 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012 Database Management and Business Intelligence competencies specifically into Marketing, Sales and Infrastructure domains. Holds MCP, MCDBA, MCITP and MCSA Certifications from Microsoft.

Currently working for a Leading MNC in Chennai as BI Consultant and Datawarehouse Archtect. Also involved in Database Consulting services on SQL Server 2014 with Azure for an Infrastructure Client based at Chennai, India.

Being proficient on SQL Server and related technologies in Health, Medicare and Sales-Retail Sector, I love sharing knowledge via Instructor Led LIVE Online / Classroom Trainings and offering training videos. Personally I enjoy answering doubts from the attendees and get involved in brain-storming sessions.

All Trainings are completely practical and real-time, paired with 24 X 7 LIVE Server Access and Real-time databases.

Courses Offered:

  • SQL Server Training
  • SQL DBA Training
  • MSBI Training
  • SQL BI and DWH [SSIS/SSRS/SSAS] Training
  • DAX and Power View
  • DQS and MDS with Powershell
Flexible Timings / Weekend classes Available.

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MSBI Training Syllabus

MSBI - SSIS, SSRS, SSAS Certification Training in Chennai

We have been training students since the certification has been introduced and every student has been able to clear the exam successfully(quite a few have even topped the exam with 100% score).

MSBI Expert Training: Learn Microsoft BI from the same team involved in product development.

Greens Technology MSBI Trainings Trainers:

Worked earlier in Microsoft Corporation, IBM, Google, Verizon, CSC, Satyam etc.

MSBI Training SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Overview

SSIS Training SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) provides offers business user data mashup and modeling capabilites with code-free, interesting user-driven data consolidation (Extract-Transform-Load) operations. This powerful Data Warehouse component offers rich and robust way to search, capture, reuse and publish OLTP Data, Warehouse Design and Loading and data layout objects.
Our SSIS course is designed for starters and professionals who wanted to start/enhance their skillset in Datawarehouse (DWH) Design with ETL, Incremental Loads and Optimal Fact Loads. Study & Practice material, Interview & certifications guidance are included in this course.

MSBI Training Course SSIS Classroom Training (Integration Services with ETL & DW) Objectives

SSIS provides Data Extraction, Consolidation and Loading Options (ETL), SQL Server Coding enhancements, Data Warehousing and Customizations for SQL Server Developers, Administrators, BI Engineers and Data Analysts. In our LIVE Online Training, we deal with complete SSIS Design and Development including SCD, Profiling, Tuning and Customizations. All sessions are completely practical and realtime.
Prerequisites: Participant should have knowledge on SQL Server T-SQL Queries & Tuning to join this Real-time Practical MSBI/SSIS Training Course. Are new to SQL Server / T-SQL concepts? then join SQL Server & T-SQL Course before you start SSIS (ETL with Data Warehouse) Training.

MSBI Training SSIS Course Syllabus

Introduction to SSIS & Data Warehouse

  • HTML
  • Need for SSIS and ETL / DWH Entities
  • Data Warehouse Design and SSIS
  • DW Components and SSIS Tools
  • SSIS Configuration and Catalog DB
  • Control Flow Tasks Architecture
  • Data Flow Tasks and ETL Architecture
  • Data Pipelines and Data Buffers

Basic ETL Entities in SSIS

  • SSIS Data Types and Data Conversions
  • SSIS Local and Global Variables
  • Dynamic Precedence Constraints
  • Dynamic Connection Managers in DFT
  • Data Flow Transformations and Usage
  • Handling ETL Enumerations in SSIS
  • ETl with Loops & Indexed Connections

SSIS Expressions & Package Debugging

  • Conditional Precedence Expressions
  • SSIS Parameters Usage and Variables
  • Control Flow Breakpoints - Usage
  • Data Flow Data Viewers and Audits
  • SSIS Expressions & Debugging Options
  • Debugging SSIS Packages & Limitations
  • Debugging Procedures in Realtime

SSIS Customizations with .NET

  • SSIS SCRIPT Task (.NET) and Coding
  • Scripts for Control Flow Limitations
  • Scripts for Data Flow Limitations
  • ADO Connections and DataAdapters
  • Custom Code (.NET) Handling in SSIS
  • Script Tasks & Notify Operators
  • SSIS Expressions and Iterations

Data Flow Transformations and ETL

  • Row and Column Transformations
  • Combining and Splitting Data
  • Performing SQL Database Operations
  • MERGE Vs UNION ALL Transformations
  • Lookup, Fuzzy Lookup and Grouping
  • SORT Vs AGGREGATE Transformations
  • OLE-DB Command Usage & Parameters
  • Derived Columns & Data Conversions
  • SSIS Parameter Mappings & Options
  • Tabular Data Stream & Commit Size
  • Table Locks & Batch Calculations
  • ETl with Loops & Indexed Connections

SCD Transformation - ETL / DW<

  • Data Analytics and Column Profiling
  • Data Sampling and Data Delta
  • Type I and Type II SCD Examples
  • Dimension Table Design, Surrogate Keys
  • SCD - Business Keys and Attributes
  • SCD - Historical Attributes and Status
  • Event Notifications and Emails
  • ETL - Partial and Full Cache Options
  • Fact Table Loads and ETL Load IDs
  • PIVOT, UNPIVOT and WebService T/Fs
  • TDS Sizing and Memory Options

Checksum Operations for ETL/DW<

  • CHECKSUM Transformation in DW
  • CACHE Transformation & Usage
  • Partial and Full Cache Options
  • SSIS Transactions & Isolation Levels
  • Checksum for Type 1 and Type 2
  • SSIS Checkpoints and Limitations

Change Data Capture (CDC) for ETL/DW

  • CDC Sources and Controls in SSIS
  • CDC Tables and Change Tracking
  • Dynamic CDC Connections & Logging
  • Using CDC for Dimension Loads (ETL)

Events, Errors and Logging

  • SSIS Package Events and Audits
  • Package Level Event Handling Options
  • SSIS Event Bubbling Escalations
  • SSIS Logging & Project Connections
  • Windows Event Logs and SSIS Jobs
  • SQL Server Logging and Audit Tables
  • Global Connections and Project Audits
  • Logging Fuzzy Data Loads and ETL
  • Need For XML Connections & ADO
  • XML Connections & BLOB Data
  • Using SSIS Data Profile Viewer Task

Master - Child Packages & Fact Loads

  • Configuring Master Packages, Parameters
  • Configuring Child Packages, Parameters
  • Parameter Bindings, Execute Process
  • OLE DB Transformation and Parameters
  • ADO.Net Connection Limitations in SSIS
  • Solutions to Data Delta Options
  • Fact Loads with DAT / BLOB Files
  • Fact Loads with SSIS CDC Controls
  • Fact Loads with SSIS SCD Controls
  • Fact Loads with Key Lookups
  • Tuning Fact Loads in Warehouse

Deployment Procedures

  • Project Builds & Bit Level Options
  • Creating ISPAC Files : SSIS 2014, 2012
  • Securing SSIS Manifest Files (PROD)
  • 64 bit and 32 bit Configurations
  • Validation & Verification Techniques
  • Configuration Options and Connections
  • Control Loops and Indexed Connections
  • Migrating SSIS ISPAC Files & Options
  • SSIS Package Backups and Passwords
  • Project Level Passwords and Encryption

SSIS Project Deployments

  • SSIS Deployment and SSIS Catalog DB
  • SSIS Catalog Project Files and Options
  • Security - Logins, Users, SSISAdmin
  • SSIS Catalog Folders in SSISDB
  • Post Deployments & Connections
  • Package Configurations, Parameters
  • SSIS Package Validations, Reports
  • Checksum Management and Encryptions
  • SSIS Package Scripts with T-SQL
  • Tuning Deployment and Configurations
  • SSIS Package Performance Reports

SSIS Package Security and Reports

  • SSIS Package Security Options
  • Encrypting SSIS Catalog Packages
  • SSIS Package Store and SSISDB
  • Security Audits Reports and Limitations
  • SSIS Folder Level Security Options
  • Project Level Security and SSIS Roles
  • Container and Package Logging

SSIS Package Upgrades

  • SSIS Project Migration Utilities
  • Importing ISPAC and Manifest Files
  • SSIS Project Import Wizard - Usage
  • Upgrading Packages & Configurations
  • Command-Line Deployments & Options
  • Package Backup Procedures & Jobs
  • Upgrading SSIS 2012 to SSIS 2014
  • MSDB and SSIS Catalog DB Files
  • Comparing SSIS 2012 and 2014

One Realtime Casestudy on SSIS

MSBI Training SSAS Course Overview

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) provides interactive data visualization and search-based data discovery solutions with local and geo-spatial intelligence. Paired with KPIs, SSAS offers us embedded mining and business forecasting solutions. SSAS Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) offers Cube Design, Hosting, Deployment and Management with self tuned MDX features at granular levels. Our SSAS Training course is designed for starters as well as for working professionals who wanted to enhance their skillset in Cube Design, MDX Programming, DAX Expressions, DMX Controls, Analysis and Forecasting Operations with Business Reports. Study & Practice Material with Interview & Certification Guidance are included in this course.

MSBI Training SSAS Classroom Training (with MDX & DAX)

SSAS Classroom Training at Greens Technologys is carefully designed to involve Cube Design, OLAP Data Modelling, Cube Development, MDX Programing, Mining ith Forecasts and Tuning operations. Classes are completely practical and interactive with one real-time Case Study.
Prerequisites: Participant should have knowledge on SQL Server T-SQL Queries & Tuning to join this Real-time Practical MSBI/SSAS Training Course.
Are new to SQL Server / T-SQL concepts? then join SQL Server & T-SQL Course before you start SSAS (MDX and DAX) Training.

MSBI Training SSAS Course Syllabus

SSAS Installation and Configuration
  • Introduction to SSAS 2012 & 2014
  • Multidimensional Mode Configuration
  • Tabular Mode Configuration, In-Memory
  • Testing SSAS Workspace Servers in SSDT
  • Understanding Realworld Databases
  • Need for OLAP Databases and Mining
  • Need for Cubes and Faster Reports
  • Identifying OLAP / Analysis Entities
  • Kimball and Inmon Methods - BI Design
  • SSAS Usage and Target Access Methods
  • Column Storage, Row Storage Options
Basic SSAS Entities & Usage
  • Data Source and Data Source Views
  • Computed Columns and Attributes
  • Building Relationships For Cubes
  • Identifying Facts and Dimensions
  • Identifying Measurable Aggregates
  • Identifying Attributes and Hierarchies
  • Deciding Cube (MOLAP) Schema
  • Named Queries and Relations in DSV
  • Database Dimensions from DSV Entities
  • Cube Dimensions from DSV Relations
  • Cube & Database Dimensions - Issues
Dimension Wizard and Attributes
  • Creating Multi-Dimensional Entities
  • Attributes and Key Member Names
  • Cube Dimension Templates and Options
  • Applying Time Based Dimensions
  • Dimension Hierarchies and Limitations
  • Cube Attribute Relations and Uses
  • Composite Attribute Keys in OLAP Cubes
  • Building Attribute Levels and Hierarchies
  • Duplicate Attribute Key Errors
  • Common Deployment & Security Errors
  • Deployment Warnings in Real-World
Cube Wizard and Relations
  • Cube Design - Regular Templates
  • Cube Measures and Dimension Keys
  • Additive and Semi Additive Measures
  • Cube Customization Options and MDX
  • Calculations and MDX Members
  • MDX Scripts for Member Calculations
  • Cube Calculation Sets and MDX Scripts
  • BI Enhancements and MDX in MOLAP
  • Time Based Calculations with MDX
Dimension Types & KPI
  • Role Playing Dimensions and MDX
  • Fact and Factless Dimensions
  • Referenced Dimensions & Usage
  • Conformed Dimensions & Usage
  • Degenerate Dimensions & Usage
  • Junk & Hierarchical Dimensions
  • Dimension Usage and Granularity
  • Building Fact Less Dimensions
  • Static and Dynamic KPIs with MDX
  • Parent and Child KPIs with MDX
  • Defining KPIs and Goals using MDX
  • Perspectives using MDX Expressions
  • SSAS Actions with MDX and XMLA
SSAS Partitions and Aggregations
  • Local and Remote Cube Partitions
  • Storage Modes - MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP
  • Aggregations and Proactive Caching
  • Tuning Cube Partition Processing
  • Row Estimations and Aggregations
  • Assigning Aggregations, Scripts
  • Usage Based Optimization (UBO)
MDX Functions, FILTERS and JOINS
  • MDX Functions & Conditional JOINS
  • Complex MDX Queries & FILTERS
  • CROSSAPPLY and MDX Query Filters
  • Cube and Dimension Writebacks
  • MDX with Roleplaying Dimensions
  • MDX Transactions & Limitations
Data Mining and Forecast
  • Need for Data Mining Structures
  • Data Mining Algorithms and Rules
  • DMX Queries and Forecast Reports
  • Data Mining Scope and DMX Ranks
Tabular Mode Cube Design
  • Entity Identification Procedures
  • Workspace Configuration Settings
  • In-Memory Processing Options
  • Advance Cube Design Scenarios
  • Aggregated Measures with KPIs
  • Partitioned Dimensions & Usage
  • Conditional MDX Scripts & Options
  • Hierarchical MDX in Tabular Mode
  • MDX Filters and Joins in Tabular Mode
Deployment (Tabular & Multidimensional)
  • Deployment Options and Pre-requisites
  • Cube Deployment Process and Tools
  • SSAS Deployment Wizard Tool & Errors
  • Storage Locations - Cube & Partitions
  • Creating OLAP Databases, Scripts
  • Processing Options and Schedules
  • Managing Deployment Process (OLAP)
  • SSAS Database and Cube/Mining Audits
  • MDX Query Log Tables in DB Engine
  • Flight Recorder Options and Sampling
  • Managing SSAS Log Providers
OLAP Database Management
  • OLAP & Tabular Database Backups
  • OLAP Compressions and Encryptions
  • Backups, Restores and Passwords
  • Scheduling Backups and Jobs
  • OLAP DB Synchronizations and XMLA
  • Partitions - Splits and Merge Options
  • Managing Partitions & Aggregations
Usage Based Optimization (UBO)
  • Need for Optimization and Audits
  • Designing Aggregations using UBO
  • Aggregations For Optimization Levels
  • Audit Query Filters and Resuse Options
  • OLAP Restore Options and XMLA
Managing Security with MDX
  • SSAS Security Roles and Scope
  • Object Level Access and Dynamic MDX
  • Item Security and DAX Expressions
  • Dynamic Cube Security with MDX
  • OLAP Security Audits and Query Logs
  • OLAP Management & Integrations
  • MDX and OLAP Operations with ETL
  • Scheduling SSAS Operations (XMLA)
  • Comparing SSAS 2012 & SSAS 2014
Using OLAP Structures
  • Cube Analysis with Excel Tables
  • Excel Pivots and Refresh Options
  • Configuring ODC (Office) Connections
  • Prediction Functions and Analysis
  • DMX and MDX Queries Interfaces

One Realtime Casestudy on SSAS

MSBI Training : SSRS SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) provides the ability to create highly formatted, print-ready and interactive reports and dashboards. SSRS offers a powerful style of reporting that graphically depicts performances measures with intuitive and interactive displays. SSRS is known for its user friendly visualization components such as Gauges, Charts, Maps and KPIs that are required for any Business Analysis.
Our SSRS course is designed for starters as well as for working professionals who wanted to start/enhance their skillset in Report Development, Design, Tuning and Dashboards. Study & Practice Material with Interview Guidance are included in this SSRS course.

MSBI Training : SSRS SQL Server Reporting Services Overview

SSRS Training at Greens Technologys is carefully designed to offer complete real-time training on Report Design, Development, Testing, Tuning of Enterprise / Adhoc Reports and Email Subscriptions. Sessions are completely practical and Realtime with a real-time Case Study.
Prerequisites: Participant should have knowledge on SQL Server T-SQL Queries & Tuning to join this Real-time Practical MSBI/SSRS Training Course.
Are new to SQL Server / T-SQL concepts? then join SQL Server & T-SQL Course before you start SSRS (with and Power View) Training.

MSBI Training : SSRS Course Syllabus

Introduction to SSRS & Usage
  • SSRS Architecture and Tools
  • Three-Phase Report Life Cycle
  • Reporting Services Configurations
  • Report Server Database and TempDB
  • SSRS 2012 and Web Service URLs
  • SSRS 2014 and Web Service URLs
  • Communication Ports & Encryptions
  • Execution Accounts and Usage
  • Report Designer Usage and Scope
  • Report Builder Usage and Scope
  • Report Manager and Options
  • RSCONFIG Tool and Limitations
Report Planning and Design
  • SSRS Report Authoring Options
  • Data Sources (RDS) Connections
  • Credentials and Security Options
  • Toolbox Items and Dataset Options
  • Table Reports and Matrix Reports
  • Report Images, Textbox and Globals
  • Dynamic Expressions and Options
  • Reporting Functions and Formatting
  • Report Headers and Report Footers
  • Enterprise and Ad-hoc Reports
Report DataSets and Joins
  • Working with Multiple DataSets
  • Joining Local and Shared Datasets
  • Configuring Dynamic DataSets
  • Working with Remote Datasets
  • Reusing XML and Shared Datasets
  • Dataset Import Options in RDL
  • LOOKUP Functions - Limitations
  • Sub Reports and Report Actions
  • Joining Rectangle & List Reports
Report Design and SubReports
  • Designing Wizard based Reports
  • Custom Reports and Report Groups
  • Row Drilldown and Column Grouping
  • Advanced and Static Options in SSRS
  • Chart Based Reports and Images
  • Using SSRS Expressions & Globals
  • Accessing and Controlling Reports
Report Parameters & Usage
  • Report Parameters & Properties
  • Dynamic Report Parameters and Filters
  • Dependent Parameters & Usage
  • Multi Valued Nullable Parameters
  • Report Filters - Options and Types
  • Toolbox Filters and Limitations
  • Sub Reports and Report Actions
  • Parent-Child Report Parameters
Enterprise Reports in SSRS
  • Gauge Reports, Indicator Reports
  • Pie Charts, Bars and Spark Lines
  • Report Testing and Auto Refresh
  • Map Reports and Report Dashboads
  • Multiple Chart Areas in Dashboards
  • Report Dashboard & Limitations
  • Report Scorecards with SQL Queries
  • Exporting RDL Reports in SSRS
Map Reports and Cube Reports
  • Map Reports and Stored Procedures
  • Indicators with Map Reports
  • Designing Reports using OLAP DBs
  • Identifying KPIs and Measures
  • MDX Queries with Cube Reports
  • MDX Filters with Sub Reports
  • Scorecards with MDX and DAX
  • Sub Reports versus Report Actions
  • Accessing and Controlling Reports
Report Builder & Power View
  • Designing DataSets in Report Builder
  • Chart and Map Wizard in Report Builder
  • Report Parts and Web Services
  • Report Designer Vs Report Builder
  • Publishing Report Parts with RB
  • Stored Procedures with Report Builder
  • Report Downloads and Edit Options
  • Power Pivot & PowerView Addins
  • Power View for RDLX Reports
  • Understanding Data Models
  • Tables, Charts and Data Bars
  • SparkLines and Data-Mashup
  • Report Builder Vs PowerView
Report Management Options
  • Report Manager Configurations
  • SSRS Report Builds and Deployment
  • Managing Data Source Security
  • Exporting and Importing Reports
  • Snapshot Management & Schedules
  • ReportServerTempdb Usage & Tuning
  • Linked Reports & Null Parameters
  • Report Caching and Memory Refresh
  • Managing Reporting Engine & Tuning
  • Report Execution Audits & Events
  • Tuning SSRS Reports & Memory Options
Subscriptions and Report Builder
  • Global and Shared Schedules
  • Report Subscriptions and Advantages
  • Email and Fileshare Subscriptions
  • Creating Standard Subscriptions
  • Creating Data-Driven Subscriptions
  • Data Source Credential Store Options
  • Subscription & Logging Options
  • Report Uploads and Downloads
  • Report Parts and Sub Reports
  • Report Sites and Parameter Options
  • Report Builder Connections & Caching
  • Report Builder Reports to RDL Entries
Report Security and Upgrades
  • Data Source Security Credentials
  • Report Server Security Levels
  • Security Options and Report Users
  • Content Manager and My Reports
  • Cloning Report Roles and Schedules
  • Report Browser and Report Publisher
  • Report (RDL) Configuration Options
  • Managing Configurations Files
  • RSConfig & Encryption (snk) Keys
  • SSRS Reports Upgradations
  • Scale-out Deployments in SSRS
Power View with SSRS
  • Managing RDL and RDLX Reports
  • Comparing PowerView and Report Builder
  • Drillthrough Report Management Options
  • Migrating Reports with SSRS and Excel

One Realtime Casestudy For SSRS

MSBI Live Project Training Overview

Software development is more than just coding. Before you write even a single line of code, it requires careful Analysis of the requirements, gathering information, preparing the necessary documentation which requires understanding the requirements using Software Development Life Cycle. And that’s just the beginning. Success of the project will depend on how we decide to tackle the complexity of the real time project, the choice of technology, the type of architecture etc.
Most recent project needs to be SSAS. • Minimum development experience 12 months using SSAS. • Minimum total development experience 3 years. • Good experience in SQL server is needed. • Advanced knowledge on SSAS • Basic knowledge on at least any other one MSBI technology. • Good idea about the MDX

Largest independent provider of MSBI training in Chennai

Best MSBI Training in Chennai focused on perfect knowledge transfer of technical skills for Freshers and working professional. Our Training rooms are sure to help the students with complete practical training. Greens Technologies is a leading MSBI Training company in Chennai. We are known for our authorization towards MSBI training in Chennai that enable students to gain real-time exposure on competitive technologies. MSBI Trainings are provided by employees from our Company to give a real exposure. MSBI Training in Chennai offers best MSBI Training and free consultation. We make sure that all our sessions are very much interactive and well structured

We provide world-class Microsoft certification and placement training in Microsoft Technologies. An impeccable .NET course that is exclusively designed with Basics through Advanced Concepts. Study Material, Certification and Interview Guidance are provided during the course. All our training sessions are Completely Practical.

We develop a personal relationship with students and ensure that we the Best MSBI training center in Chennai maximize their learning, and we offer supplemental mentoring by our instructor.. Greens Technology is the Best training institute offer MSBI training in Chennai with Placements by certified experts with real-time LIVE PROJECTS. Our MSBI training institute in Chennai syllabus is perfectly mixed with practical and job oriented training for developers and administrators.

Ready to improve your MSBI Training in Chennai?

Greens Technologies - Best MSBI training institute in Chennai wrote the book on custom MSBI training for Jobs and certification. Our instructors have authored more than 20 best selling MSBI live projects and have dedicated their professional careers to training MSBI professionals.
Greens Technologies is a leading MSBI training institute in Chennai which offers you a world class MSBI training by Microsoft Certified IT professionals having more than 10+ years of industry experience. Students will be provided with Live MSBI Projects during the training.
All Greens Technologies MSBI instructors have extensive work experience and most are noted MSBI experts and published MSBI authors. Greens Technologies enhances your MSBI training class in Chennai with instructors who have been there, real, working MSBI professionals.

You can contact us @ +91 8939975692 or fill in the Quick Enquiry form to get detailed information about MSBI Training in Chennai. Join Greens Technology for Best MSBI Training in Chennai.




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